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Diagnostic device > Latexagglutination diagnostic sets
for determination of serological groups of ß-hemolytic streptococci
(Groups A,B,C,G and F)
Purpose and usage:
STREPTO GROUP set is designed for a simple, rapid and accurate determination of the serological groups A,B,C,G and F of ß-hemolytic streptococci. The starting material for this procedure are the colonies on blood agar plates. The group determination of ß- hemolytic streptococci is decisive for the etiological diagnosis of the disease and its rational therapy.

The principle of the test is the reaction of streptococcal group antigens with specific antibodies bound to latex particles. A clearly visible agglutination of the corresponding latex suspension is the evidence of the reaction of these specific antigens with their antibodies.
1. Warm all reagents up to room temperature before use.
2. Add 1 drop of reagent I (red color) into the extraction tube. Take about 5 colonies of the tested ß-hemolytic streptococci from a blood agar plate and suspend them well in the extraction tube with the reagent I.
3. Add 1 drop of reagent II (the solution turns yellow), shake well and incubate 3-5 min. at room temperature.
4. Add 1-2 drops of the reagent III (the solution must turn pink to violet).
5. Place one drop of the extract on each of the five black spots of the attached card with the attached Pasteur pipette.
6. Mix well the latex suspension by shaking and place one drop of anti A, anti B, anti C, anti G and anti F latex suspension beside the drops of the extract (be aware not to touch the extract during the manipulation with latex suspensions).
7. Mix the drops of the liquids on the individual black spots with different mixing bars and rock the card for one minute. The material of the neighboring black spots must not get mixed during this rocking. If this occurs, you must repeat the test.
NOTE: Perform the control of the good functioning of the latex suspension: mix on the black spots drops of the polyvalent control with the drops of the individual latex suspensions.

If the reaction is positive (the reaction of specific antigens with the specific group antibodies) a clearly visible agglutination occurs within one minute. Agglutination = the formation of granules visible to naked eye - the liquid clears up around them.
NOTE: Perform the reading without a lens, only with naked eyes.
1. Positive result
Distinct agglutination of the extract with only one suspension from the five latex suspensions used (in case of positive reaction with two or more latex suspensions, repeat the test).
2. Negative result
No agglutination will occur with any of used latex suspensions (the tested strain does not belong to ß-hemolytic streptococci of group A,B,C,G and F).
3. Positive control
Distinct agglutination of all latex suspensions with the polyvalent control.
NOTE: Do not pay attention to the traces of granular material occuring sometimes in negative cases.

1. STREPTO GROUP set is delivered in package for 50 tests and is designed for the laboratory use only.
2. Keep the set in a dark place at 4°C and use it till the expiration date which is marked on the package. Latex suspensions must not freeze!!!
3. Pay attention not to contaminate the skin and the eyes with the reagents during the work. If the contamination occurs wash the contaminated spot immediately with running water.
4. It is possible to order the individual components of the set separately.

Content of the set
Cat.No.             SL 112 Reagent I 6 ml
                       SL 113 Reagent II 6 ml
                       SL 114 Reagent III 6 ml
                       SL 115 Latex suspension ANTI A 2.5 ml
                       SL 116 Latex suspension ANTI B 2.5 ml
                       SL 117 Latex suspension ANTI C 2.5 ml
                       SL 118 Latex suspension ANTI G 2.5 ml
                       SL 119 Latex suspension ANTI F 2.5 ml
                       SL 120 Polyvalent positive control 1 ml
                       Tube rack 1 piece
                      Detection cards 50 pieces
                       Doublesided mixing bars 150 pieces
                       Pasteur pipettes 50 pieces
                       Extraction tubes 50 pieces
                       Instruction for use 1 piece

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