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Diagnostic device > Auxiliary diagnostic preparations
                             AUXILIARY DIAGNOSTIC PREPARATIONS                          
40 ml Cat. no. SO 306
20 ml Cat. no. SO 307
Information for Use

25% Suspension in Alsever Solution

Purpose and Usage:
Rabbit erythrocytes are intended to be used as a reaction indicator for determination of antistreptolysine O (ASO) in serum using diagnostic set ASO (SO 301 or SO 3011).

Test Principle:
The principle of the test is the haemolysis of rabbit erythrocytes. This is caused by abundance of streptolysine O (SLO) after the reaction with antistreptolysine O (ASO) in serum.

Preparation of Erythrocytes:
Wash the rabbit erythrocytes 3 times in PFR+A (cat. no. SO 304) and centrifuge for 10 minutes at 1000g. After the last centrifugation prepare 1% suspension in PFR+A from erythrocytes settling.

Test Procedure and Evaluation:
The use of dilluted erythrocytes and evaluation of reaction are described in information for use for diagnostic set ITEST ASO (SO 301 or SO 3011).

1. Auxiliary diagnostic preparation Rabbit erythrocytes are provided in 40 ml packaging (SO 306) or 20 ml (SO 307) and are designed for boraratory use only.
2. Store the rabbit erythrocytes in the dark place at 2 – 8°C and use by the exspiration date stated on the label.
3. Provided the damage of primary IVD packaging, do NOT use the preparation and please contact the manufacturer.
4. Dispose unused IVD preparation and empty packaging according to Act no 185/2001 Coll., on Waste, according to following categories:
15 01 01 – paper packaging, 15 01 02 – plastic packaging, 15 01 07 – glass packaging, alluminium – 17 04 02, chemicals containing dangerous substances – 18 01 06. Dispose residue and unused IVD preparation in category 18 01 09 – other unusable pharmaceuticals. Dispose the waste,requiring special requirements for collection and removal with respect to prevention of infection, in category 18 01 03.


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