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LATEXAGGLUTINATION DIAGNOSTIC SETS      50 tests      Code: SL 121       
Latex suspension for rapid identification of E. coli O:157
Purpose and usage:
ESCHERICHIA COLI O:157 latex suspension is  designed for the rapid differentiation of E. coli O:157  from other serotypes of the E. coli species.

The principle of the test is the reaction of E. coli specific antigens with specific antibodies bound to latex  particles. The evidence of the reaction of the specific antigens with the specific antibodies is a clearly visible  agglutination of the latex suspension.
Resuspend the tested strain in saline (degree No.3 of  McFarland turbidity scale) and place one drop of this suspension on the black spot of the detection card. Place one  drop of the ESCHERICHIA COLI O:157 latex suspension beside  this drop and mix both drops. Rock the card for one minute.
Clearly visible agglutination appears within one minute in a positive case (reaction of specific antigens with  specific antibodies).
Agglutination = formation of granules which are visible with the naked eye. The liquid around them is cleared up.
NOTE. Perform the reading with naked eyes only, without lens.
1. Positive result
Clearly visible agglutination of the bacterial suspension  with ESCHERICHIA COLI O:157 latex suspension.
2. Negative result
The agglutination of the bacterial suspension with the  ESCHERICHIA COLI O:157 latex suspension does not form.
NOTE. Do not pay attention to traces of granular material.  They can form also in negative cases.

1.  ESCHERICHIA COLI O:157 latex suspension is designed  for laboratory use only.
 Latex suspension should be stored in a dark place at +4°C and should not be used beyond the expiration date given on the packing.

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