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AUXILIARY DIAGNOSTIC TESTS              3 ml                 Code No. PT 102

the test of solubility in bile (S. pneumoniae)
Purpose and usage:
Sodium deoxycholate test is determined for  a quick and easy differentiation of streptococcus pneumonia  from viridans streptococci.
The test utilizes solubility of S. pneumoniae  colonies in sodium deoxycholate. Viridans streptococci do  not change after sodium deoxycholate treatment.
Technique: The test could be carried out in two  modifications:
1. Resuspend the tested strain (1.-2. of McFarland turbidity  scale) and drip 3 drops of sodium deoxycholate on it.  Incubate for 30 minutes at 37o C.
Note: Suspension of the tested strain in saline without  sodium deoxycholate use as the controls.
2. Drip one drop of sodium deoxycholate on the tested  grown-up strain on a blood agar and incube for 30 minutes at  laboratory temperature.

Result subtracting and evaluation:
1st modification: Clarification occurrs in pneumococci after  incubation. Turbidity does not change in viridans  streptococci and in the controls.
2nd modification: Dissolution of the colonies in the central  zones of viricidation appears within 30 minutes after  dripping of sodium deoxycholate on the tested strain. The  viridans streptococci remain without any change.

1. Sodium deoxycholate test is available in a package of 3 ml  (Code No. PT 102) and is designed for in vitro diagnostics  only.
2. Store sodium deoxycholate at + 4o C and let it warm up to  laboratory temperature before application.
3. Use it until the expiration date marked on the package.


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