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DIAGNOSTIC DISCS                    100 discs                             Code: DD 501
        ITEST BACITRACIN S (0.04 I.U.)
for presumptive identification of beta-hemolytic streptococci  of group A
Purpose and usage:
BACITRACIN S diagnostic tests are used for presumptive and easy differentation of beta-hemolythic  streptococci, group A, from other groups of beta-hemolythic  streptococci.
The test utilizes the high sensitivty of  beta-hemolythic streptococci of group A to a low  concentration of bacitracin (O.O4 I.U.). It is manifested by  the formation of an inhibition zone around the ITEST  BACITRACIN S disc. Other beta-hemolythic streptococci are  resistant to bacitracine concentration.
One of the following methods could be used:
Method A: Resuspend 2-3 colonies of the tested strain of  beta-hemolythic streptococci in 2 ml of saline. Pour the  suspension on a pre-dried blood agar and suck off the  residual inoculated substance.Cover the dried-up suspension  with a sterile bacitracine disc. Incubate for 17-24 hrs. at  37o C.
Method B: Inoculate the tested strain with a loop on a blood  agar and cover it with a sterile bacitracine disc. Incubate for 17-24 hrs. at 37o C.
Zone diameter (mm)                                                    Result
bigger than 10                                 beta-hemolythic streptococcus of group A
smaller than 10                               streptococcus of other serological group
1. ITEST BACITRACIN S discs are available in a package of  100 pieces (code No. DD 501) and are designed for diagnostics in vitro only.
2. Store the discs in a dark place at + 4o C and use them  until the expiration date marked on the package.


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