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Latexagglutination diagnostic sets    50 tests      Code: SL 141
for a quick identification of Staphylococcus aureus

Purpose and usage:
The ITEST S. AUREUS LATEX set is  determined for a quick, easy, and exact identification of  Staphylococcus aureus. The colonies from blood agar are the  initial material for the determination.
Principle of the test:
Pathogenic strains of S. aureus  produce enzyme-bound coagulasis - clumping factor - and the  cells of these strains contain A protein. Rabbit  immunoglobulin (IgG) and fibrogen are bound to the latex  particles of ITEST S.AUREUS LATEX. A clear agglutination of  latex suspension appears at the reaction of the clumping  factor with fibrogen or A protein with IgG. The clumping factor and A protein are mutually independent  factors and their detection is important for S. aureus  identification.
1. Place one drop of ANTI S. AUREUS suspension on  a black field of the detection card.
2. Take 5-10 colonies of the tested strain with  the enclosed mixing bar and mix well with latex suspension  (at the greater number of colonies, agglutination of the  latex suspension is faster and more clear in positive cases).
3. Rock the detection card for l minute. When  testing more strains, pay attention not to mix the material  of the neighbouring area. If this happen, repeat the test.
In positive case (reaction of the clumping factor with  fibrogen or A protein with rabbit IgG) a marked agglutination  of the ANTI S. AUREUS latex suspension occurrs within 1  minute.
Agglutination - forming of the granules with a more or less  clear liquid among them, observed with a naked eye.
In negative case - agglutination of the latex suspension does  not occur within 1 minute.
Note: do not take into consideration slight traces of  granular material which could be observed even in negative  case.
1. ITEST S. AUREUS LATEX set is available in a package of 50  tests (code SL 141) and is determined for in vitro  diagnostics.
2. Store the set in a dark place at +4o C and use it until  the expiration date marked on the package. Latex suspension  must not get frozen!


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