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 DIAGNOSTIC SETS                        25 tests                       Code: SO 331
Purpose and usage: HELICOBACTER set is designed for the rapid identification of Helicobacter pylori in samples of gastric  mucous membrane biopsy by a biochemical method.
This set enables to differentiate peptic ulcer disease etiologically bound to helicobacter infection from cases which  are Helicobacter pylori negative and developed by other spe  cific causes (e.g. gastrinoma, Crohn disease etc.). The evidence of peptic ulcers due to Helicobacter infection  enables early starting of antihelicobacter therapy.
Principle: Helicobacter pylori produces urease, which is demonstrated by the change of pH at the development of ammonia.

Technique: Add 2 drops of diluent into the detection tube with  dehydrated substrate. Put the tested biopsy sample into the  solution after complete dissolution of the substrate. Close  the tube and incubate 3-4 hours at room temperature. In some sporadic cases you may incubate the tubes till the se-  cond day.

Evaluation: Positive reaction (presence of Helicobacter pylori)  demonstrates itself by pinkish violet to violet color of  the substrate after incubation.
If the reaction is negative, the color of the substrate  does not change, that means it stays yellow or yellow-orange.
1. Helicobacter set is delivered in pack of 25 tests and  is designed for the laboratory use only.

2. Keep the set in a dark place at +4oC and use it until  the expiration date marked on the package.


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