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 DIAGNOSTIC TABLETS        100 tablets          Cat. no. DT 707 and DT 711
Information for Use
DT 707 MANNITOL                               DT 711 SUCROSE
for determination of fermentation characteristics of bacteria
Purpose and Usage:
Diagnostic tablets MANNITOL and SUCROSE serve for determination of fermentation characteristics of bacteria (fermentation of mannitol and sucrose).
Test Principle:
In the area of diffusion of carbohydrate from the tablets, the bacteria growth turns red on the Endo culture media.
1.  Inoculate the tested microorganism on suitable culture media (Endo media).
2.  Put the mannitol and sucrose tablets on the surface of the agar with inoculated microorganism, using sterile instruments. Incubate for 24 – 28 hours at 37°C.
Results Evaluation:
In case of  positive result  (+) the colonies of bacteria grown in the diffusion zone turn red (dark red).                                               
In case of negative result (-) the growth of bacterias surrounding the tablets remains the same without any colouration.
To check the quality of DT 707 and DT 711 diagnostic tablets it is recommended to use following microorganisms:

1. DT 707 MANNITOL and DT 711 SUCROSE diagnostic tablets are provided in the packaging of 100 pcs and are designed for laboratory use only.
2. Keep the tablets in a dark place at 2 – 8°C and use them up by the exspiration date stated on the label.
3. Provided the damage of primary IVD packaging, do NOT use the preparation and please contact the manufacturer.
4. Dispose unused IVD preparation and empty packaging according to Act no 185/2001 Coll., on Waste, according to following categories: 15 01 01 – paper packaging, 15 01 02 – plastic packaging, 15 01 07 – glass packaging, alluminium – 17 04 02, chemicals containing dangerous substances – 18 01 06. Dispose residue and unused IVD preparation in category 18 01 09 – other unusable pharmaceuticals. Dispose the waste,requiring special requirements for collection and removal with respect to prevention of infection, in category 18 01 03.


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